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5 reasons why John McAfee is what crypto needs right now

What bear market? John McAfee is still flying the flag for cryptocurrency during turbulent times.

5 reasons why John McAfee is what crypto needs right now June 17, 2018Leave a comment
mcafee crypto messiah

Investors are feeling the pain during this cryptocurrency bear market as coins across the board have taken a dive into the red. John McAfee’s intelligent, outspoken and unmistakable voice is exactly what the community needs right now. Here’s why:

1. He’s relentlessly optimistic

John McAfee’s positive outlook on cryptocurrency is unwavering. McAfee, who’s previously described the blockchain as a “magic wand”, can provide rookie investors with confidence in times of uncertainty. Navigating a volatile market with wild price swings is easier when people can turn to an optimistic voice for support. McAfee’s long-term focused tweets can help to dispel investors’ woes during short-term crashes.

It’s an issue that inexperienced investors are sometimes quick to exit during a bear market as they fear more losses. This behavior hinders the growth of cryptocurrency as money leaves the market in droves. To put it into perspective, the crypto market has lost more than $500 billion in total market capitalization since January, now sitting at roughly $290 billion according to CoinMarketCap. Cryptocurrency may be popular but people are still unsure whether it is a good investment for the future. McAfee’s tireless optimism can help those finding their feet in investment remain steadfast and resilient in spite of market volatility and unpredictable flash crashes.

2. He believes in the cryptocurrency cause

John McAfee truly believes that cryptocurrency can change the world. And, let’s be honest, the world’s due for a change. The aftermath of the financial crash of 2007-2008 is still evident as big banks still control the world, inequality is higher than ever and many young people can’t find stable work. And with another financial crash looming, cryptocurrency’s plight is more relevant than ever.

McAfee has used Twitter to explain in clear terms, exactly why cryptocurrency is the answer to the current challenges that society is facing.

Designed correctly, cryptocurrency can provide individuals with financial autonomy that’s impossible under the current system. The more people who “get” the reasons behind the existence of cryptocurrency, the more people there are who likely to invest in it and use it in the future. Mass adoption is exactly what cryptocurrency needs at this point in time.

3. He’s an influencer

It’s hard to ignore someone who’s security software comes pre-installed on many computers around the world. The McAfee name may be synonymous with cybersecurity software for the majority but it’s quickly becoming associated with cryptocurrency too. With 827K followers on Twitter, McAfee possesses a rare and extraordinary gift for capturing people’s attention.

McAfee’s meme war competition is a perfect example of his unique ability to connect with and engage his followers. The competition has seen Twitter users devise creative meme ideas for a chance to win cryptocurrency. The content that they’re producing is often humorous and has far-reaching, viral appeal.

McAfee is a man who’s truly invested in the cause but also possesses the PR savvy to make an impact, change opinion and really get more people interested in cryptocurrency.

4. He’s very charismatic

You can call John McAfee many things but boring isn’t one of them. McAfee is a colorful, larger-than-life character who can capture people’s attention in a noisy world. His personality can help to repackage the often complicated subject of cryptocurrency and make it more accessible for the masses.

One of cryptocurrency’s biggest turn offs is that it can become bogged down in technical language. Just take a look at Vitalik Buterin’s Twitter account, the genius founder of Ethereum, and you’ll quickly be bombarded with obscure references to hash rates and merkle trees.

While there’s nothing wrong with Buterin’s tweets, these are hardly the communications that will open crypto up to the masses.

McAfee has a special talent for making the topic of cryptocurrency more digestible and easier to understand.

5. He’s intelligent and informative

McAfee’s tweets may often be humorous, sometimes outrageous, but they’re also very informative. McAfee often provides useful investment advice on his Twitter account.

While he’s admitted that he takes payments sponsored tweets from time to time, a lot of the posts on his Twitter account are his genuine opinion. And let’s not forget, McAfee is a highly intelligent individual who founded a world renowned cybersecurity company. His wealth is a testament to his sound financial judgement.

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