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Tron + Coinbase? Why Feng Li could secure massive listing

Feng Li + Tron = Coinbase?

Tron + Coinbase? Why Feng Li could secure massive listing May 8, 2018Leave a comment
Feng Li Tron Coinbase Listing

There’s no smoke without fire. And boy, if the rumour that early Coinbase investor Feng Li has a stake in Tron turns out to be true, it’d be a raging inferno.

Reddit and Twitter are alight with rumours that Feng Li has invested a large sum in Tron. But it’s not the sum of money that’s interesting here, it’s Li’s illustrious network.

Feng Li Tron Coinbase

Feng Li, left

Feng Li boasts the honor of being one of Coinbase’s earliest investors. He also held a position on the board of hugely popular cryptocurrency, Ripple, and lead a $28 million series A funding round. It’s this wide-spanning influence that really holds the value for Tron and could mean that securing a listing on Coinbase is entirely plausible, if not probable.

Reddit user Mirtist is one of the many excited Tron investors:

“Feng Li is one of Tron’s key early investors, who just so happens to be significantly connected to Ripple and Coinbase.”

Twitter users are also highlighting the possible connection between Feng Li and Tron:

The Coinbase Factor

Coinbase is famous for making or breaking the success of currencies. Take Litecoin: Coinbase added support for LTC on May 3rd, 2017. In the next 5 days LTC jumped approximately 57%. The story was much the same with Bitcoin Cash whose value soared by 300% in just one day.

There’s no doubt that Tron’s ties to Feng Li – if such ties exist – create invaluable access to key players in the crypto world who can make or break fortunes with a single decision.

The rumours that Coinbase will list Tron are increasing in the run up to the much-anticipated launch of TRX’s proprietary network, Main Net, at the end of this month.

Eagle-eyed investors have noticed that Coinbase’s preparation for huge volume in the coming months comes at a time when TRX – a token known for sky-high trading volume – is about to move off the Ethereum network.

Where’s the evidence?

With such a decorated track record in cryptocurrency, it’s no wonder that Tron holders are so excited by the prospect of a Feng Li connection.

Yet, finding solid evidence of this affiliation is scant at best.

Li’s name is no longer currently listed on the Tron website nor is the amount he funded. However, with a bit of digging his photo can still be found at a Tron-linked address.

Feng Li’s Linkedin profile, Crunchbase profile and company page reveal little in the way of a connection to Tron either which only adds more grist to the rumour mill.

Hearsay or not, this is one to keep an eye on if you’re serious about Tron.

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