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What Tron founder’s acquisition of BitTorrent means for TRX

Could the acquisition be one step closer to Tron's peer-to-peer media sharing platform?

What Tron founder’s acquisition of BitTorrent means for TRX June 12, 2018Leave a comment
tron founder bittorrent acquisition

Yesterday (June 11), Variety reported that file-sharing pioneer BitTorrent Inc. has been sold to Justin Sun, the founder of Tron (TRX).

Rumors of Justin Sun’s interest in acquiring BitTorrent surfaced last month when TorrentFreak reported that Sun was pursuing the company. While no official announcement has been made yet, the news looks like another big step towards Tron’s mission of building a “decentralized internet”.

Here’s what Justin Sun’s acquisition of BitTorrent could mean for Tron.

Tron is one step closer to its peer-to-peer media sharing platform

Tron’s goal is to build a decentralized content sharing platform for the digital entertainment industry by leveraging blockchain and peer-to-peer network technology. Acquiring BitTorrent’s peer-to-peer file sharing technology will only fast-track Tron’s launch of its free peer-to-peer platform for distributing and sharing content.

Recent patents assigned to Raspberry Inc., such as peer-to-peer live streaming and private sharing, also support Tron’s goal of creating a peer-to-peer media sharing platform which empowers both content creators and consumers.

Users could earn TRX tokens for seeding content

The BitTorrent acquisition could also see Tron tokenize its peer-to-peer sharing platform to incentivize users to upload rare content and make downloads fast and available for a long time.

As John Backus explains in a Medium article, a tokenized BitTorrent protocol could “create real incentives for users to upload rare and desirable content.” He continues:

Think about how many people would place bounties on the content they’re dying to get their hands on. This would create massive financial incentives for people in different industries to leak content in order to claim the millions of tokens people are offering in exchange.”

A tokenized peer-to-peer media sharing platform would certainly help Tron achieve Odyssey, the next stage in the Tron roadmap, which attempts to incentivize early adoption of the network.

What’s next for Tron?

Despite the coin’s recent price drop following its Main Net launch, Tron HODLers are still optimistic, with one Twitter user tweeting about a potential Coinbase listing and partnership with Alibaba.

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