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Tron (TRX) to be listed on Coinbase as part of its Main Net launch?

Could Coinbase really be listing Tron? Here's why it would be massive for Justin Sun's brainchild.

Tron (TRX) to be listed on Coinbase as part of its Main Net launch? May 6, 2018Leave a comment
tron coinbase listing

When Tron founder, Justin Sun, announced the launch date of its proprietary network, Main Net, at the end of last month, the cryptocurrency’s price began to surge, reaching a high of $0.10.

And now, with the planned launch coming ever closer, new rumours have begun to surface which will have Tron HODLers smiling from ear to ear.

According to an article by The ICO Journal, Tron is in talks to be added to the institutional exchanges, Coinbase/GDAX and Circle.

During the test net launch live stream, Justin Sun mentioned that Tron is about to launch on several major exchanges. Whether Coinbase is one of them remains to be seen, but Reddit user, perogies, believes that adding Tron would be a no-brainer:

TRX has consistently huge volume, high liquidity, massive social media presence and will launch it’s mainnet with more registered users than any other cryptocurrency platform.”

While nothing is confirmed, the hype surrounding the Main Net launch and Tron’s move to a proprietary network suggests that anything is possible.

The good news is that Tron has strong history of securing important partnerships. Take the GSC partnership which provided hundreds of millions of users with access to the Tron network. Plus Tron has just recently reached 1 million token holders.

What would a Coinbase listing mean for Tron?

If this comes to fruition, Tron’s market price would almost certainly skyrocket. When Litecoin (LTC) was added to Coinbase, its price jumped over 25 percent. After Coinbase announced support for Bitcoin Cash (BCH), its price immediately surged to over $3,000 on huge volume.

bitcoin cash surge coinbase

Regardless of whether Tron is listed on Coinbase this year, the future looks very bright for Justin Sun’s brainchild.

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