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TRON (TRX) tops GitHub commits ranking but price fails to rise

More good news for Tron, despite a recent TRX price drop.

TRON (TRX) tops GitHub commits ranking but price fails to rise May 29, 2018Leave a comment
tron trx price github

TRON (TRX) is no stranger to reaching ambitious milestones, but despite topping GitHub’s commits ranking once again, the coin’s price has fallen to around $0.06.

Commits on GitHub relate to the number of updates made to a platform, so it’s clear that the Tron Protocol developers have been busy in the run up to the main net launch.

But while this dedication has not managed to move the needle on the coin’s price, Tron HODLers will be patiently waiting for the main net launch on May 31 in the hope that the move off the Ethereum network and onto its own blockchain will finally send its value to the moon.

And if the rumors about a potential Coinbase listing and a possible partnership with Alibaba come to fruition, Tron HODLers will almost definitely be rewarded for their patience and loyalty.

Tron has been criticized in the past for focusing on marketing and publicity stunts rather than developing a solid technical foundation for the project. But while Justin Sun’s tweets are still as prevalent as ever, it’s clear that the Tron team is doubling down on technology expertise in the hope of out-innovating the competition.

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Shiny giveaways aside, all this is good news for a coin hoping to break into the top 6 cryptocurrencies. This is clearly a long-term project with ambitious goals and HODLers shouldn’t be deterred by the recent drop in price.

Tron currently sits in second, just behind EOS for the most active repositories on Github. There have been rumors that both coins could make it onto Coinbase in the near future.

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