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TRON (TRX) added by Apple 5 days before Main Net Launch

Tron's awareness is growing exponentially. Apple's recent listing of TRX on its stocks app proves it.

TRON (TRX) added by Apple 5 days before Main Net Launch May 25, 2018Leave a comment

Justin Sun recently posted a tweet announcing that Apple has officially listed TRX on on its stocks app, increasing awareness of the ambitious TRON project yet further.

Apple has shown support for cryptocurrency trading by adding other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ripple to its stock listings. Listing TRX on the app both increases the awareness of the coin and stands as a vote of confidence from one of the world’s richest corporations. To see the stock via the Apple stocks app, add ‘TRX-USD’.

Tron’s price is currently trading at around $0.07 down roughly 2 cents from earlier in the week. In spite of price fluctuations, TRX is seeing high trading volume in the run-up to the Main Net launch according to popular cryptocurrency exchange Binance: it’s in the top 3 for trading volume in both BTC and ETH markets along with EOS (who are also launching their own proprietary network just days after TRON).

TRX CoinMarketCap May 25th

TRX BTC markets May 25th

Justin Sun and the TRON team are working hard to drive support and have recently announced yet another strategic partnership with vSport, a blockchain-based sports industry platform.

If you’ve been following TRON’s journey to mass popularity, you’ll know that Justin Sun isn’t one to miss out on an opportunity for PR. Famous Dutch footballer, Wesley Sneijder, is an endorser of vSport and the ex-international player tweeted in support of the partnership with TRON to his 4.3 million followers, potentially reaching a new untapped audience.

In other good news for TRX holders, there have been hints that TRX will be supported by major crypto hardware wallets after the move off the Ethereum network.

Sun, it seems, really is bringing TRON to the masses. 5 days to Main Net and counting.

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