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Tron (TRX) follows Ledger Wallet. Post Main Net support?

Justin Sun and the Tron Foundation just followed the official Ledger wallet account on Twitter. Is Main Net integration coming sooner than we think?

Tron (TRX) follows Ledger Wallet. Post Main Net support? May 21, 2018Leave a comment
Tron Ledger Main Net integration

Tron’s move from ERC20 to a proprietary network means that popular hardware wallets will no longer be able to support TRX storage. But, Justin Sun’s recent Twitter follow suggests that he may already have a game-changing partnership lined up.

Justin Sun Tron follows Ledger Wallet

Justin Sun and Tron Foundation follow the official Ledger Wallet twitter account May 21st (above)

As an ERC20 token, Tron can currently be stored on popular hardware wallets such as Trezor and Ledger via MyEtherWallet.

However, once Tron moves to Main Net, it’ll need in-built integration with hardware wallets if its to be supported. More so than Trezor, Ledger already supports a wide range of currencies such as Ripple (XRP) which run on their own networks. This makes a partnership between the two companies, all the more likely.

Hardware wallets are generally preferable as a way to store cryptocurrency because they’re considered safer. Funds are also more easily recoverable in case of problems or theft.

Ensuring that TRX can be stored safely and securely is something that will help to secure the token’s growth as more users come onboard. To this end, Tron has recently hired a 19-year old German programmer who created an opensource Wallet.

Tron holders are understandably keen to see Main Net integration with hardware wallets:

Migration to Main Net

Tron’s migration to its proprietary network, Main Net, means that any TRX token holders must follow guidelines to ensure a safe transfer of their holdings to the new network. A number of popular exchanges such as Binance, will be supporting the migration.

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