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Tron (TRX) Price $0.10: “Will Dominate the World Wide Web”

TRX seems to be heading for the moon...

Tron (TRX) Price $0.10: “Will Dominate the World Wide Web” April 30, 2018Leave a comment
TRX price rising in 2018

TRX’s price rise to $0.10 is turning heads and rightly so.

Investors who saw the token crash from heady highs of around $0.20 to a lowly $0.02 are rejoicing. But what’s really on the horizon for Justin Sun’s brainchild?

TRX Price: Main Net

TRX’s price has been surging with the announcement of the launch of its proprietary network, Main Net, on May 31st.

The countdown and accompanying excitement surrounding the network’s release is catalysing a seemingly unstoppable TRX price rise.

Let’s be honest, TRX investors have a lot to be excited about. TRX’s recent surge has seen the token conquer new territory. It recently broke into the top 9 cryptocurrencies according to Coinmarketcap’s calculations.

TRX’s Price: Partnerships

One of TRX’s main strengths is the partnerships it has secured with businesses and organisations in the ballooning Asian market.

TRX’s partnership with GSC gives 100 million users access to the Tron network.

Applications such as Mico and Kitty Live which boast strong user bases in the hundreds of millions have already seen the potential the TRX ecosystem.

Tron founder Justin Sun’s close ties with the Alibaba founder continue to fuel rumours that the e-commerce giant may adopt the digital currency in some form.

With established companies such as Salesforce, Amazon and Microsoft all exploring the opportunities offered by blockchain, TRX may just provide Alibaba with an easy route into the booming new crypto economy.

China’s hunger for innovative new technology only strengthens the case for widespread adoption at some point down the road.

Will TRX hit $0.50 by the end of 2018? Or could it rocket much higher?

TRX Price manipulation?

As prices continue to rise, vigilant investors are drawing attention to the potential for market manipulation.

High volume purchases of TRX have alerted some to the possibility of high net-worth individuals loading up on the currency with the intention of dumping it when the price is high enough.

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